Renault Trucks Launches Used Trucks

After the summer, many transport professionals are returning to their normal activities. In addition, the increase in transport services has also caused a greater demand from companies in the sector.



Solutions for everyone


For both, Renault Trucks has launched new campaigns with flexible solutions tailored to the needs of each company. These actions are included in the “Re-StaRT Operation”, designed to facilitate the recovery of activity for carriers, with solutions adapted to the situation they are experiencing after the stoppage due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Used Trucks for used trucks


Among them, USED TRUCKS stands out, which offers a 12-month rental formula. A modality that can be very useful to many transport professionals, due to the possibility of acquiring a pre-owned vehicle adapted to their needs, for one year and a monthly fee of $ 998 per month, which also includes one year of Selection guarantee.


The Used Trucks by Renault Trucks vehicle offering is the result of the brand’s commitment to a first-rate experience, from the initial selection of the truck, to the delivery of the vehicle. The Selection guarantee ensures the best conditions of the vehicle, with demanding quality standards validated by the brand itself after exhaustive review of 200 truck control points.



Although the winter season has just started, the truth is that the weather is leaving a few days quite difficult to hit the road. However, professionals who have to be behind the wheel of their truck cannot leave the truck parked at home and must be careful when driving in winter.


How To Prepare For Truck Driving?

First of all, have a good truck insurance that covers all your needs on the road. It is possible to be cautious and drive wisely , but the roads can become very treacherous and the slightest mistake can turn into a serious incident.


In this way you will drive safely and efficiently on the road, especially in times of rain, wind, cold and snow where speed, safety distance, visibility, etc. must be taken into account.


A truck driver from the moment he gets into his truck must be with all five senses on the road, attentive to any kind of unexpected that may happen around him. In fact, with bad weather the danger is more likely to increase.



As we have commented previously, in these days of rain, snow, wind and fog, it is essential that the driver anticipates what happens in his environment at long distances, in situations in which the rest of the vehicles are not clearly visible. are on the road, visibility is lower, but it must be more intense to avoid accidents.


Another of the details that must be fulfilled is to communicate in advance any type of maneuver you carry out, avoiding abruptness and being convinced of each movement that is made.


Cabins Prepared


To drive in winter it is important to enable the cabin to face any type of weather that you find yourself in on these dates. The ideal temperature to drive a truck for so many hours is between 20 ° C and 22 ° C.


If we increase that temperature inside a truck cabin, it is likely that you feel fatigued and drowsy , this would affect the way you drive and your attention. If this happens an accident could be the most normal thing to happen.


Another way to drive more comfortably is to wear appropriate clothing and supplies . To this we add some gloves and perfect footwear to be able to go out in case of being caught by the storm. Carrying a hobby is also essential if you cannot continue with the trip.


Ease Of Parking


Once you have arrived at the destination, to find parking, the connected truck will facilitate you where to park based on the closest place and that has the appropriate security. In this way, before arriving at the place where the merchandise is delivered, you already know where you can park for safety and proximity.


Activity Log


Thanks to all the connectivity these trucks have, everything that is carried out will be stored in an internal memory, everything will be recorded with the exact results, including any incidents that may arise.


It is also important to highlight the security cameras that are in this connected truck. Not only does it serve for the safety of drivers, it also retains all the images they have saved in case of accidents.


Rest Regulations


No more having to monitor rest hours by eye, thanks to these new technological methods it will be possible to do an exhaustive monitoring of the driving time that has been carried out.



Geolocation Of The Merchandise


With this function, it will be known at all times in which situation and what are the steps that the load takes during its journey from the origin to the destination the vehicle takes . The connected truck will also indicate the exact temperature it is supporting in the case of refrigerated trucks or to end the loss / theft of loads.


More Agile Procedures


With a traditional truck, when a load is delivered, a series of bureaucratic steps is necessary to ensure that the merchandise has been delivered, in how long it has taken and in the state in which it has been delivered.


With the truck connected, these problems are over since everything is registered and arrives directly at the central office that will confirm that the load has reached its destination correctly.

Transporting Food In Temperature-Controlled Trucks

Undoubtedly perishable products require to be transported, the contest of trucks with controlled temperature. Currently, thanks to globalization, there is a great exchange of food in fresh conditions.

This commercial exchange of fresh food has brought to the table of family products that until recently were unknown. However, to ensure that these foods arrive in good condition, transportation is necessary to keep the merchandise at an adequate temperature to guarantee quality food.

Requirements for the transport of fresh products

It is a reality that the transport of fresh food requires meeting high hygiene and safety requirements. When these requirements are provided, the quality status with which the final consumer arrives is guaranteed. And to preserve the quality of fresh or perishable products, you have to understand the transport and logistics phases.

In the transport of fresh products, logistics is perhaps the most important thing. This is a combination of all possible means and methods to successfully carry out fresh food transportation. Logistics forces us to have order and organization to structure all the processes that are involved in the transportation process.

Logistics encompasses all the activities carried out in production even the different national and international markets, which are separated by distance and time. That is why the distance and time factors are really important in logistics. The various activities of the departments involved are concatenated with it.

Logistics ensures that the supply chain can preserve the properties of fresh food. These properties include; color, flavor, and external appearance, either of fruits, vegetables, or vegetables. It is mandatory to pay special attention to the specific characteristics of each product.

The types of trucks with controlled loading

Indeed, according to the International Agreement for the Transport of Perishable Goods ATP, vehicles are classified as ATP. The main characteristic of these trucks is that both space and the temperature are controlled. This temperature is set from the moment the cargo is collected until it is delivered.

The refrigerated truck is one that has a device that brings cold to the inside of the cargo box. Thanks to this, you can reduce the temperature inside the box and keep it stable. Depending on the food being transported, the vehicle regulates and maintains the temperature between 12 ° C and -20 ° C.

For its part, the Isothermal truck does not have a unit that allows lowering the temperature. It simply has insulation on the walls, floor, and ceiling inside the merchandise section. Due to this, the indoor temperature remains well below the outdoor temperature.

The refrigerated truck is one that can reduce the temperature inside and can preserve it by means of dry ice tanks or eutectic plates. Suppose the outside temperature is not higher than 30 ° C or lower than -20 ° C. In these temperature-controlled vehicles, it is imperative that the doors remain closed.

Transport difficulties with controlled temperature

Another important aspect is the distribution of components for refrigeration systems for transportation. The figures indicate that the fleet of vehicles has grown, and maintenance is required if it is to be permanently active. Just as it is also important is the seasonality of the activity.